© David Abse 2016. www.davidabse.com

© David Abse 2016. www.davidabse.com

If you have an enquiry for yourself, or for you and your partner, or for members of your family or are approaching the consultancy on behalf of an organisation, please call us on 020 3151 9606 or send us an e-mail at enquiries@balintconsultancy.com in the first instance.

Our practice manager, Naomi Mwamba will respond to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity, and she will the advise you on the possible options including fees and London locations.

If you have a specific preference for a type of therapy or for seeing a particular member of our team, Naomi will provide information about their availability. But if you are uncertain which type of therapy or service might be most helpful, she can arrange for you to speak to a member of our clinical team who will offer a telephone conversation in the first instance, followed by a consultation, as required.

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