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Friday, November 3, 2023
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Katie Murphy Amphitheatre
Fred P. Pomerantz Art and Design Center

Dr. Susie Orbach
 in conversation with Dr. Valerie Steele about “Food and The Body” 11.50am

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model wearing a ramen ensemble while eating ramen out of a bucket hat

BH signature ramen print set, Bobblehaus, 2020. Photographed by Madeline Thomas for Bobblehaus.

Perspectives of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape


Dr Dwight Turner

I Can’t Breathe; Race & Masculinities Post the Death of George Floyd 

Professor Paul Ramchandani 

Fathers and their relationships with their children

Dr Mike Harris

Men and the penal system 

Susie Orbach: 

Susie Orbach in conversation with Professor Pasco Fearon:  The changing role of masculinity and the impact on women and families 

Panel plenary session 

An opportunity to ask questions and coalesce the main themes highlighted during the day

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Friday 24th November

10am – 4:30pm

Sanders Hall, Postdoc Centre @ Eddington
Eddington Place
Cambridge CB3 1AS

Perspectives of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape

Convenor: Michelle Reynolds, Head of Staff Counselling

This conference will explore some of the issues we encounter when we contemplate masculinity and discuss changes that have taken place in our perceptions, expectations, and requirements of masculinity since the Industrial Revolution

How have modern concepts of masculinity evolved? From conventional patriarchal norms and stereotypes to gender diversity and intersectionality, our conference will consider how traditional expectations of masculinity can prevent men from accessing and engaging with much needed mental health support. 

Statistics show that men are three times more likely to complete suicide than women, suggesting that there is an urgent need to identify and understand the barriers that stand in the way of men feeling able to access support. 

To help promote these discussions we are bringing together a panel of expert speakers who will enable us to think about the intersection of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape.

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Hidden Histories of British Psychoanalysis:  From Freud’s Death Bed to Laing’s Missing Tooth

Professor Brett Kahr



The Balint Consultancy is delighted to announce that Professor Brett Kahr has just published his eighteenth book, entitled Hidden Histories of British Psychoanalysis:  From Freud’s Death Bed to Laing’s Missing Tooth, which appears as one of the inaugural titles in the “Freud Museum London Series”, published by Karnac Books.

On Friday, 17th November, 2023, at 4.00 p.m., Professor Kahr will have the opportunity to discuss this book “in conversation” with Susanna Abse, the former Chair of the British Psychoanalytic Council and a current Trustee of Freud Museum London, at Sigmund Freud’s old home at 20, Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX.

Here is the link to the event:

And here is the link to the publisher’s website:

And here are the endorsements for the book, written by several esteemed members of the psychoanalytical community:


“Based upon painstaking archival research and personal interviews with the London glitterati of psychoanalysis (e.g., John Bowlby, Enid Balint, Pearl King, R.D. Laing), Brett Kahr, the most eloquent, enlightened, and entertaining historian of psychoanalysis, offers us yet another masterpiece.  Replete with luminous and dark glimpses into the development of psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom and into the virtuosity and whims, even madnesses, of his dramatis personae, Kahr’s book is as informative as it is a pleasure to read!”

Professor Salman Akhtar, M.D., Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, Jefferson Medical College, and Training and Supervising Analyst, Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, whose many books include Tales of Transformation:  A Life in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, and, more recently, the multi-volume Selected Papers of Salman Akhtar.


“This is a very sneaky book.  Ostensibly it is a series of tales from the history of Anglophone psychoanalysis in the twentieth century.  But, in reality, it is a readable, often funny, account by the best historian of psychoanalysis of his generation, Brett Kahr.  As much autobiography as historical account, it shows what happens when a brilliant mind meets an intractable object.  The essay on the young student Brett Kahr and R. D. Laing’s missing tooth is itself worth the price of the volume, and has the possibility of becoming the classic essay on the pitfalls of celebrity.”

Professor Sander L. Gilman, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of the Liberal Arts and Sciences and Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus at Emory University, and author of numerous books, including Seeing the Insane:  A Cultural History of Madness and Art in the Western World and The Case of Sigmund Freud:  Medicine and Identity at the Fin de Siècle.


“Using storytelling, clinical and research tools, Brett Kahr’s sorcery brings to life several well-known personalities in the British psychoanalytic panoply – its “superstars” as well as its “bad boys”.  While profoundly respectful, Kahr’s thoughtful critique of rigorously sourced archival papers, oral history research, and personal interviews rewards the readers with much wisdom and inspiration from foundational figures of psychoanalysis.”

Professor Joan Raphael-Leff, Ph.D., Retired Professor of Psychoanalysis at University College London and at the University of Essex, and Leader of the Academic Faculty of Psychoanalytic Research at the Anna Freud Centre, whose many books include Between Sessions and Beyond the Couch, and, more recently, The Marion Milner Tradition:  Lines of Development:  The Evolution of Theory and Practice Over the Decades.


“Brett Kahr has earned a reputation as the eminent narrator and in-depth analyst of the vagaries and the most protracted motifs that animate the legacy of psychoanalysis.  In an engaging and well-documented fashion, Kahr takes us back to the contingent elements that, together, gave psychoanalysis in the United Kingdom its inescapable force and necessary radiance.  Kahr’s Hidden Histories is a labour of love that in its caring attentiveness humanises the great figures on whose shoulders it stands.  Highly readable and greatly enticing, this latest addition to the Freud Museum’s and Karnac’s new promising series, will speak to professionals, historians, and the wider public alike.”

Professor Orna Ophir, Ph.D., Associate Director of The DeWitt Wallace Institute for Psychiatry, Weill-Cornell Medical College, New York, and a Member of the History of Psychoanalysis Committee of the International Psychoanalytical Association, and author of Schizophrenia:  An Unfinished History.

The Hundred Year Ego

It’s 100 years since Sigmund Freud wrote The Ego and the Id, a book that reshaped the way we think about ourselves and the workings of our minds. David Baker explores the ego’s journey over the past century – from the inflated egos of dictators and the music of Hollywood films, to the mind-expanding love-ins of the hippy era and the greed is good ethos of neoliberalism. And, he asks, what can we make of claims that artificial intelligence is developing an ego of its own?

Susie Orbach, Contributor

The Contribution of Psychotherapy to Wider Social Change – Dr Susie Orbach

This Event is a part of the Therapy and Social Change Seminar Series

What can the world of psychotherapy and counselling contribute to wider social justice and progressive social change? Lynne Gabriel and Kate Smith interview one of the most socially influentially psychotherapists in the world, Dr Susie Orbach

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“Psychotherapy at Play”

with Dr Susie Orbach

Medical Psychotherapy Trainees and Trainers Conference 2023 – “Psychotherapy at Play”

Friday 26th May, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham

We are excited that the 2023 Medical Psychotherapy Trainees and Trainers Conference is fast approaching. It promises to be an interesting and inspiring day featuring a rich diversity of renowned speakers. Programme highlights include Dr Susie Orbach, the world acclaimed psychotherapist and author, in conversation about her work and her writing; Prof Adrian Sutton, Director of the Squiggle Foundation, speaking about the importance of play in his work with children and adolescents; Dr Haroula Konstantinidou on relational prescribing and Dr Simon Heyland on the use of language in working with medically unexplained symptoms.

This year for the first time we are hosting a collaborative conference, organised jointly by medical psychotherapy trainees and PsychArt, a trainee-led organisation celebrating the arts in psychiatry.  We are pleased to be able to welcome professionals working in or interested in the disciplines of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry and the Arts as well as offering a great discounted rate for students. 

We are pleased to invite submissions for an art competition where we encourage you to express what being alive means for you. All artistic media are welcome. 

Book your tickets here before they sell out as places are limited. 

We look forward to welcoming you,

The Conference Committee 2023 and PsychArt