Perspectives of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape


Dr Dwight Turner

I Can’t Breathe; Race & Masculinities Post the Death of George Floyd 

Professor Paul Ramchandani 

Fathers and their relationships with their children

Dr Mike Harris

Men and the penal system 

Susie Orbach: 

Susie Orbach in conversation with Professor Pasco Fearon:  The changing role of masculinity and the impact on women and families 

Panel plenary session 

An opportunity to ask questions and coalesce the main themes highlighted during the day

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Friday 24th November

10am – 4:30pm

Sanders Hall, Postdoc Centre @ Eddington
Eddington Place
Cambridge CB3 1AS

Perspectives of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape

Convenor: Michelle Reynolds, Head of Staff Counselling

This conference will explore some of the issues we encounter when we contemplate masculinity and discuss changes that have taken place in our perceptions, expectations, and requirements of masculinity since the Industrial Revolution

How have modern concepts of masculinity evolved? From conventional patriarchal norms and stereotypes to gender diversity and intersectionality, our conference will consider how traditional expectations of masculinity can prevent men from accessing and engaging with much needed mental health support. 

Statistics show that men are three times more likely to complete suicide than women, suggesting that there is an urgent need to identify and understand the barriers that stand in the way of men feeling able to access support. 

To help promote these discussions we are bringing together a panel of expert speakers who will enable us to think about the intersection of Masculinity and the Therapeutic Landscape.

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