Balint Consultants Speak at London Conference on Infidelity

Posted by on Feb 2, 2018 in News and Events

On Jan 20th, Susanna Abse, Jane Haberlin and Dr Amita Sehgal all gave keynote presentations at a Confer conference in central London entitled Infidelity: Working with threats to the couple relationship

The conference addressed both the experience of those betrayed by their partner and the experience of the one who has transgressed and how each partner may play a part in events that lead to sexual infidelity. More than 20% of spouses admit to having cheated on a partner yet fidelity remains for most people the “ideal” in a relationship and whilst “cheating” can come in many forms,  it is sexual infidelity that arguably cuts deepest.  It was noted that it is very common for infidelity to be a key reason why couples seek help, so deepening understanding about what an affair can signify for a couple is essential learning for couple therapists.


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