Dr. Amita Sehgal

Amita Sehgal, MA, PhD, is a consultant psychoanalytic psychotherapist who works with couples, parents and individuals at her Central London practice. She also offers online consultations via Zoom.

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Amita has a special interest in working with significantly wealthy couples and members of flourishing family businesses. She is sympathetic to the unique challenges they face, including tensions that can emerge when shaping the future of their family enterprise. She helps couples and individual family members manage these challenges with resilience, confidence and clarity, promoting harmony between their relationships with wealth and the people important to them.

Amita remains committed to resolving family disputes out of court, in a non-confrontational and constructive manner. She assists couples to separate and divorce as amicably as possible, and co-parent effectively where children are involved. Additionally, she regularly consults to family lawyers, providing them with education, training and bespoke services to maintain and optimize their performance and sense of wellbeing. 

Amita has published widely in the field of couple psychotherapy, including an edited book Sadism: Developmental Psychoanalytic Perspectives published by Routledge: Karnac.  She regularly delivers lectures and training workshops both nationally and internationally. 

Amita holds a PhD in Genetic Engineering from the University of Leeds.  Prior to embarking upon a career in adult mental health, Amita held postdoctoral fellowships in immunological research at the Institute of Child Health, and also at St Mary’s Hospital in London.

You can contact Amita on enquiries@balintconsultancy.com