Chrissie Pollard Interviews Professor Brett Kahr

The esteemed B.B.C. broadcaster has recently interviewed Brett Kahr about his book on Freud’s Pandemics:  Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis, as well as such topics as the nature of self-destructive behaviour and other-destructive behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the links to the podcast, available both on Chrissie Pollard’s website and, also, on YouTube.

Professor Brett Kahr at the Chalke Valley History Festival

In June, 2022, Professor Brett Kahr spoke at the Chalke Valley History Festival in Broadchalke, near Salisbury, in Wiltshire, about “Are We All Mad?:  The History of the Human Mind, its Brilliance, and its Frailties”.  He had the privilege to participate in an “in conversation” with the distinguished novelist, Sebastian Faulks, author of a gripping novel on nineteenth-century psychiatry called Human Traces.

After the conversation about the past, present, and future of “madness” with Mr. Faulks, Kahr enjoyed meeting many of the guests at a Waterstone’s book-signing.

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Professor Brett Kahr


“New Books in Psychoanalysis”

To mark the publication of Professor Brett Kahr’s newest book, Freud’s Pandemics:  Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis, the Swiss psychiatrist Dr. med. Sebastian Thrul has conducted a full interview with Kahr, which offers insights into how Sigmund Freud handled the multiple pandemics of his own lifetime and how he would have advised our governments and our health care specialists had he been alive today during the twenty-first century.

This podcast is Kahr’s third appearance on “New Books in Psychoanalysis”.  The New Books Network had previously interviewed him about two of his other publications, namely, How to Flourish as a Psychotherapist and, also, Bombs in the Consulting Room:  Surviving Psychological Shrapnel.

The New Books Network has recognised that Kahr’s latest title will be of interest not only to members of the psychoanalysis community but, also, to those from other disciplines; consequently, the podcast has been posted not only on “New Books in Psychoanalysis” but, also, on “New Books in Biography”, “New Books in German Studies”, “New Books in History”, “New Books in Intellectual History”, and “New Books in Jewish Studies”.

Kahr’s book is the inaugural title in the new “Freud Museum London Series”, published by Karnac Books of London (an imprint of Confer Limited), in association with Freud Museum London.

To listen to the podcast, please click on either of the following links:

Jewish Medical Ethics: Just Because We Can, Should We?



In recent years there’s been a heightened awareness of mental health issues, but resources to treat them have become increasingly scarce. This session examines the impact of developments in presentation, diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues on patient rights and communal responsibilities and, based on Rabbi Hillel’s key question over 2,000 years ago, asks: Who will be for me? On our panel is psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic Dr Susie Orbach (pictured); patient advocate David Gilbert, who has used the mental health service and worked in healthcare for 35 years; consultant psychiatrist and JAMI adviser Dr Louise Morganstein; and Rabbi Howard Cooper, author of Soul Searching: Studies in Judaism and Psychotherapy.


We are very pleased to announce that the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy has awarded Professor Brett Kahr an Honorary Fellowship in recognition of his lifetime contributions to the mental health profession.

Kahr has contributed to the organisation since its founding in 1993 and has, over the years, served as its Special Media Adviser, as a member of the Board of Trustees, and as a member of the Chief Executive Officer’s Creative Strategy Group.  He also became Spokesperson for the organisation’s campaign on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.


June, 2021.


The Balint Consultancy is delighted to announce that Professor Brett Kahr has recently been appointed as Honorary Director of Research at the Freud Museum London.  Professor Kahr has maintained a long-standing relationship with the museum, having worked there as Deputy Director of the International Campaign for the Freud Museum during its first year of operation and, subsequently, having served three terms of office as Trustee of both Freud Museum London and of Freud Museum Publications.  In this new role he will help to support the museum and its scholars with the development of historical-archival research on the life and work of Sigmund Freud and the growth of psychoanalysis.