We are all vulnerable: that’s where a new conversation about masculinity begins

Susie Orbach

Guardian 10th February 2023

The likes of Andrew Tate want to return to an imagined idyll in gender relations. It would be a disaster for everyone.

‘Andrew Tate speaks of how to be a different kind of man.’ 
Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Can we think a bit more deeply about masculinity? Toxic masculinity has a certain usefulness and punch as a phrase. It expresses what some men put out into the world but it doesn’t address the whys deeply enough.

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Chrissie Pollard Interviews Professor Brett Kahr

The esteemed B.B.C. broadcaster has recently interviewed Brett Kahr about his book on Freud’s Pandemics:  Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis, as well as such topics as the nature of self-destructive behaviour and other-destructive behaviour during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are the links to the podcast, available both on Chrissie Pollard’s website and, also, on YouTube.


Professor Brett Kahr at the Chalke Valley History Festival

In June, 2022, Professor Brett Kahr spoke at the Chalke Valley History Festival in Broadchalke, near Salisbury, in Wiltshire, about “Are We All Mad?:  The History of the Human Mind, its Brilliance, and its Frailties”.  He had the privilege to participate in an “in conversation” with the distinguished novelist, Sebastian Faulks, author of a gripping novel on nineteenth-century psychiatry called Human Traces.

After the conversation about the past, present, and future of “madness” with Mr. Faulks, Kahr enjoyed meeting many of the guests at a Waterstone’s book-signing.


Professor Brett Kahr has recently appeared as a guest on the “Freud in Focus” podcast, sponsored by Freud Museum London, discussing his new book, Freud’s Pandemics:  Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis, which served as the launch title of the new “Freud Museum London Series” of books on the history of psychoanalysis (Karnac Books, 2021).

Kahr enjoyed the privilege of speaking with Tom Derose, the co-host of the podcast and, also, the Research Manager of Freud Museum London, who co-founded the “Freud in Focus” series in 2021 with colleagues Jamie Ruers, the Events Manager, and Karolina Heller, the Photographer and Digital Media Producer.

This special “Bonus Episode” interview about Sigmund Freud’s iconic text Civilization and its Discontents, and about how Freud navigated the multiple pandemics of his own lifetime, can be accessed on the Freud Museum London website and, also, on Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, and Audible.  Here is the link:  


Susanna Abse

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Professor Brett Kahr


“New Books in Psychoanalysis”

To mark the publication of Professor Brett Kahr’s newest book, Freud’s Pandemics:  Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis, the Swiss psychiatrist Dr. med. Sebastian Thrul has conducted a full interview with Kahr, which offers insights into how Sigmund Freud handled the multiple pandemics of his own lifetime and how he would have advised our governments and our health care specialists had he been alive today during the twenty-first century.

This podcast is Kahr’s third appearance on “New Books in Psychoanalysis”.  The New Books Network had previously interviewed him about two of his other publications, namely, How to Flourish as a Psychotherapist and, also, Bombs in the Consulting Room:  Surviving Psychological Shrapnel.

The New Books Network has recognised that Kahr’s latest title will be of interest not only to members of the psychoanalysis community but, also, to those from other disciplines; consequently, the podcast has been posted not only on “New Books in Psychoanalysis” but, also, on “New Books in Biography”, “New Books in German Studies”, “New Books in History”, “New Books in Intellectual History”, and “New Books in Jewish Studies”.

Kahr’s book is the inaugural title in the new “Freud Museum London Series”, published by Karnac Books of London (an imprint of Confer Limited), in association with Freud Museum London.

To listen to the podcast, please click on either of the following links: